What To Look For When Renting A Van?

Vans can be very handy when moving large objects. The problem with a truck is that the items being transported can get wet due to rain, snow, or humidity. Furthermore, the items being carried can be damaged if an errant rock or some other object strikes. With a van, it is possible to carry a similar amount of cargo without having to worry about the weather. That is why many consumers and businesses should think about getting a van rental in Chicago. Click here to investigate. First of all, potential renters should make sure that the van is going to be big enough to carry everything that needs to be transported. Unlike a truck where items can hang outside of the truck by a limited distance, it is not possible to exceed the storage capacity of the van. That is why it is important to look at the size of the van. A good way to make sure there is enough interior space is to measure the dimensions of the items being moved. Then, use the measurements to make sure if there is enough interior space. If there is not enough space, then choose a bigger van. Many van rental companies have a large selection of different size vehicles to choose from. When picking up the van, it is very important to mark down all damage. It is unusual to find a rental van that has no damage at all unless it is brand new. It is almost inevitable that there will be scratches on the inside. They should be marked in the rental paperwork so that the renter is not responsible for previous damage. Just like with rental cars, it is important to inspect the exterior of the van as well. It is a good idea to check the roof of the van to make sure there is no damage. The roof of the van may be very hard to see without a ladder. An important concern that van renters should have is insurance. It is not a good idea to assume that current auto policies will cover the rented van. It is also not a good idea to assume that credit card collision damage waiver policies will cover rental vans. The renter should also take a look at all auto policies available to see if the rental van is excluded. In many instances, rental vans are excluded from auto policies and credit card collision damage waiver programs. That is when alternative options for insurance needs to be considered. The easiest way to get insurance for the rental is to purchase it from the rental agency. Although the insurance from the rental agency may be expensive, it is also easy and convenient to get. Many people who rent vans are not used to how these vehicles handle the road. The extra height with some rental vans may make it susceptible to hitting low clearance areas such as fast food drive-thru lanes. It is very important for drivers to avoid traveling through areas where there is low clearance. In some places, tree branches may be very low by the edge of the road. Drivers should try to stay away from the edges of the road as much as possible to avoid scratching the van with tree branches. A van rental is a great way to move items without them being exposed to rain and snow. However, it is important to make sure that the van is big enough to transport everything. When renting the van, it is important to check for preexisting damage and to drive the van carefully to avoid hitting tree branches and other objects. Most people find that renting a van to move large items was a great choice to make.