Personalize Your Letters

Graduation from school is a big deal. Years of effort, strain, stress, pain, and pressure come to fruition in the moment that a graduate receives his or her diploma. While the graduate puts in most of the work, he or she is not alone in working towards graduation. Parents provide pep talks, coaching, encouragement, food, lodging, and so on. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and others of the extended family might not help in a physical way, but their hopes, prayers, and thoughts often turn to those in their family working towards graduation. The circle of influence on a graduate grows wider as it encompasses friends, teachers, mentors, tutors, coaches, and others who help to raise a child. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Thus, a graduation is much more than a graduate receiving a diploma, it is an opportunity for all those who have had an impact on the graduate along the way to celebrate the adult that the graduate has come to be. Part of arriving an adulthood is realizing that you are not alone on an island. A graduation provides the graduate with the opportunity to announce his or her achievement, but it also provides an opportunity to thank and recognize everyone who contributed to making the graduation possible. Thus, when you announce a graduation, you should do more than fire off a group text message. A text message is too commonplace to capture the import of a graduation. A graduation announcement is the ideal way to celebrate a graduation. The traditional announcement includes a senior picture, a card with the date and location of the graduation ceremony, and an invitation for the recipient of the announcement to attend a reception held in the graduate's honor. When you send off a graduation announcement, it is important to recognize that the envelope that holds the announcement is almost as important as the announcement itself. A stationery envelope should be the right size and shape for the announcement it holds. It should be durable enough to protect the announcement as it travels through the air, but it should also add some dignity and beauty to the announcement. One way to dress up the envelope that holds a graduation announcement is to do something special to address the envelope. A good way to address envelopes is to send off a list of names and addresses to a printing company. Not only will the printing company be able to efficiently print of the addresses, but the printing company will also help with quality control. If you address envelopes by hand, it is easy to make mistakes that could impede an announcement from arriving at is destination. While having the addresses you send your envelopes to printed is a good idea, you can do something more for the return address on your envelopes. If you have return address stamps made, you can add a touch of personalization to your envelopes. An address stamp makes it easy to address an envelope, but it also adds beauty. To get an idea of what you can do with address stamps, you can peruse catalogs from companies that make address stamps. When you choose your address stamp, you can dress up your graduation announcements, but you can also keep your stamp to choose for other special communications. Address stamps are a great way to individualize and dress up the envelopes you mail out, and they work well for special occasions like graduations and weddings when you have to address a ton of envelopes. If you think you might want a return address stamp for a special occasion in your life, you should take the time to design the stamp before the occasion comes up.