How To Plan for a Successful Corporate Move

Suggested title: Planning a Successful Company Move

Your startup is successful and you're ready to move out of that basement office to a larger, nicer space. Any move can be stressful on a company and its staff. Fear of the unknown reduces employee productivity. Getting used to the new space can take time. The key is good communication and engaging employees to be part of the move. With the right planning, an office move can be something your staff looks forward to.

Planning Out the Move

You can't communicate with your staff too much, and you can't start planning too early, says Microsoft Business. There are many questions to answer, especially from your staff. The more information you can share early in the process, the more supportive of the move your staff will be. Don't forget any details by using a checklist. Many online moving services have a checklist with which you can start. Or contact one of the corporate moving companies in your area to help with a checklist.

As you work on your checklist, consider the types of questions you'll get from your staff. Solicit questions from them directly and build upon that. Some of the questions you will get from your staff include:

  • Who will pack our individual offices?
  • What is the size and layout of the new office space?
  • What amenities are in the neighborhood around the new office?
  • How will our work schedule and deadlines change during the move?

Once you announce the move, be able to give your staff some details. The more they know, the more comfortable they'll be. If you keep them in the dark about specifics, you risk productivity falling with a direct impact to your business.

Employee Education

This step is about selling the move to your employees. As you provide them information, you want to generate some excitement in your staff. The closer you get to the move date, the more specific your information should be. Timelines are also critical to keeping staff morale up during the preparation for the move.

Get together brochures and information about the new office building and distribute it to your staff. Also post the information in a common break area. Gather information about other companies in the building. Find menus and brochures from shops around the new office that your employees may visit. This will start familiarizing your staff with the new area.

Forbes suggests having a realtor come to the office and talk about the new space. They can answer questions regarding cleaners in the area, public transportation, and the housing market. This is especially important for an out-of-town move, but is also useful if just moving across the city.

Make the move a company celebration by putting up banners and posters. Post the move timeline and update it as tasks are completed. This gives the staff a sense of movement and builds anticipation. Some of the details you may include on a timeline are:

  • When moving boxes arrive if the staff is to pack up their own offices
  • When the boxes will be picked up by the movers
  • When employees are allowed into the new space to unpack

Schedule Staff Field Trips

If the new space is within driving distance of the old office, schedule times when tours will be given to the staff. If you have a small crew, take groups of them to the new office, show them the space, then take them to lunch and answer any questions they have. The relaxed, informal atmosphere will reduce any anxiety about the move.

Be Ready for the Move

To keep employee productivity up and frustrations down, have the space absolutely ready for your staff to move in. When they can simply unpack, plug in, turn on and go to work, the move is successful with little productivity impact. If there aren't enough power strips, some of the phones aren't working and there's confusion about security card keys to the front door, you'll have chaos that first day. The more planning you do for the move, the more productive and less stressful that first day will be.

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