Children’s Face Shield Products For Summertime Use

If a summer camp or another program that will predominantly be held outdoors will involve a lot of verbal interaction between children and their peers, wearing a standard fabric face mask could hinder communication and be potentially uncomfortable to wear on hot and humid days. If your youngster becomes frustrated when wearing a fabric face covering, consider supplying some reusable face shield protection products as an alternative.

PVC Or Plastic That Is Attached To A Hat Or A Band

A face shield will contain a flexible piece of PVC or plastic that will surround the face, but not make direct contact with skin. A shield that contains a single sheet of PVC or plastic and that is attached to a hat or a headband can serve multiple purposes.

First, it will protect a wearer from respiratory droplets, and second, it will act as a sunshade or a perspiration barrier. Choose color-coordinated hats and bands that will complement your child's attire or purchase a hat or a band that contains clips and that can be used interchangeably with a series of different face shield styles.

A Full Face Product That Forms A Seal

If your main concern is that your child's eyes remain unprotected during the occasions when they wear a fabric covering, look for a product that offers additional protection. Some products are designed to cover the entire face and are form-fitting.

Instead of containing a thick fabric mouth covering, a full face shield may contain a more flexible material that has an even consistency and that is transparent. A transparent full face shield will offer some of the same qualities as a fabric covering. This type of product may be more comfortable than a standard mask and since it will be translucent, communication will not be hindered.

A Strap On Product

If your child will be outdoors for the duration of most days and will only be required to wear a face-covering while seated near other children or while heading to various recreational stations, you may be interested in providing them with something that is easy to slip on and off. Purchase a reusable shield that contains a Velcro strap. This type of product can quickly be secured around the head. 

With any type of shield that you choose to supply your child with, purchase a package of disposable wipes that can be used for cleaning purposes. Wipes can be used to remove smudges and bacteria from each side of a face shield. For more information, contact a reusable face shield supplier.