What Types Of Stories Can You Share On A Storytelling Video App?

People have shared their stories with one another for many years now, but nowadays, people are doing it a bit differently from how they used to. For example, storytelling video apps and other apps that make storytelling possible are becoming more and more popular. In fact, you might have downloaded one of these apps yourself, or you could be thinking about doing so after hearing about them. You might like the idea of sharing stories with others, but you might not know which types of stories you should share. These are just a few ideas, but once you start playing around with the app and reading other people's stories, you're sure to come up with lots of great ideas of stories to share with others on the app, too.

Fiction Stories

Although many people use storytelling apps so that they can tell nonfiction stories about their lives and other things, you can typically use these apps to share fiction stories as well. If you already have a few short stories that you have written down and that you would like to share with the world or that you would like some feedback on, consider adding them to the app. Also, consider spending some time working on getting your creative juices flowing while playing around with the app. Soon, you might come up with entertaining short stories and other fiction stories that other app users will want to read all the time.

Hardship Stories

If you have survived some type of hardship in your life — such as if you have suffered from an illness or injury or some type of traumatic experience — then you may want to share your story on the storytelling app. Although it might be a bit hard for you to share some of the tougher things that you have been through, you might find that it will be therapeutic. Plus, you can raise awareness about certain causes and provide inspiration for others, too.

Animal Stories

It's no secret that tons of people on the Internet love dogs, cats, and other pets. In fact, if you are a pet lover, you might have enjoyed looking at pictures and videos of animals, and you might like reading stories about pets and other animals, too. If you have your own animal-related stories and videos, such as if you have videos and funny stories about your cat's misadventures, then you may want to share them on one of these apps. You might just find that you will gain a lot of followers in this way, and you might really enjoy sharing stories about your favorite pets and animals.

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