Buy A Property With A Neglected Cemetery? Tips For Restoration

When you buy an old church property or a piece of land with a cemetery on the grounds, you'll want to pay as much attention to the cemetery as you do the building during cleanup and restoration. If the cemetery has been without a groundskeeper, it may suffer from some overgrowth and neglect. Although the process may seem daunting, particularly with a large cemetery, it doesn't have to be. Here are some tips to help you get started with a restoration project. Read More 

3 Great Ways To Make Your Commercial Fence More Effective

While many businesses surround their warehouse grounds or corporate headquarters with a strong fence, few owners know how to make the most of these highly versatile structures. Here are reasons for commercial fence installation and ways to put your fence to work and make it more effective.   1: Improve your Privacy If you have a high profile company, you might not like the thought of the general public being able to watch your day-to-day business operations through your fence. Read More 

3 Corporate Relocation Perks You Should Ask About

Has your boss recently asked you to transfer for work? In order to infuse new offices with experienced employees, businesses in the United States spend over 9.3 billion dollars relocating personnel each year. If you are like most polite people, you might be shy about asking your boss to foot the bill for certain moving-related expenses. Unfortunately, your courteous approach might cost you big bucks during your move. Here are three corporate relocation perks that your job might offer, and that you should ask about. Read More 

Is Your Dental Practice In Need Of A Client Boost?

Have you recently noticed that business at your once robust dental practice has been falling off as patients have moved out of town or decided to try another dentist? Perhaps, in the past, this may not have been a problem because your scheduling books had always filled up anyway. But, lately, you might have noticed growing holes in your schedule and that new customers appear to be scarce. If so, it's time to re-think your marketing strategies to draw in valuable new clients. Read More 

Don’t Be A Victim: Simple Solutions To Prevent Theft On Your HVAC Units

While commonly associated with a simple penny, copper is a valuable metal that has been a target in recent thefts across the world. Present inside your unit's condenser and necessary for the efficient heating and cooling of your home, the use of copper will continue to grow. Unfortunately, this increase has also created an interest for many criminals. Between 2010 and 2012, 96 percent of the 33,775 metal theft claims were due to stolen copper. Read More