Sustainable Hardwood Flooring For The Home

Installing hardwood flooring in Cleveland Ohio has been the first choice with contractors and their clients for generations. New hardwood floors are also an excellent home renovation project. They will please the most discriminating buyers, and they will instantly transform an ordinary home into something remarkable. However, contemporary homeowners have societal concerns that their parents and grandparents never considered when they built their own homes. When homeowners consider their flooring options, they are faced with knowledge that their decision will have an impact on the environment. As a result, sustainable hardwood flooring has become a very popular choice. Local stores must keep pace with the demand for environmentally friendly flooring that will stand the test of time. Bamboo meets all the criteria for sustainable hardwood flooring. Bamboo is technically a grass, but consumers should not be fooled into thinking that it is a flimsy or weak material. On the Janka Wood Hardness Scale, natural bamboo ranks a solid 1380. Buyers need to understand that the strongest hardwood materials are those with the highest numbers. The hardness of bamboo is remarkable when compared to traditional wood materials such as cedar (ranked 900) and white pine (420). The darker forms of the species are weaker than the lighter natural colors, but strand-woven bamboo is exceptionally strong and is comparable to Brazilian cherry wood in terms of its hardness. Bamboo flooring will satisfy a homeowner's desire to make a positive impact on the dwindling forests of the world. Bamboo regenerates so fast that you can almost see it grow. A young plant will reach maturity in as little as four years, and some species actually grow as much as three feet in just one day. Bamboo contributes more oxygen to the atmosphere than traditional hardwood forests. These facts reinforce the fact that homeowners can choose bamboo flooring with confidence that their decision won't have a detrimental effect on the world's eco-systems. Making the choice to install bamboo flooring also makes sense from a use and maintenance standpoint. Bamboo is compatible with any type of decorating style. Homeowners can avoid the use of the weaker strain of dark bamboo by choosing any stain color that suits their design aesthetic. Bamboo will stand up to daily wear and tear from even the busiest families. Many hardwood flooring materials are susceptible to water, but bamboo with multiple layers of UV coating is almost impenetrable by moisture and is less vulnerable to warping than other hardwood flooring options. This can be an especially valuable trait in Cleveland homes because of the relatively high levels of humidity experienced in the region each year. UV coatings also provide a layer of scratch-resistance that most homeowners appreciate. Like any hardwood flooring, bamboo needs to be protected from obvious sources of abuse and damage. It is generally best to avoid wearing high-heeled shoes on the floors. The legs of chairs and bar stools should additionally be cushioned with felt pads. Fortunately, homeowners don't have to tip-toe around on their bamboo floors because bamboo is very easy to sand and refinish. Homeowners can even re-stain their floors a completely different color if they decide to change the design scheme in their homes. Bamboo flooring should be swept regularly with a soft broom, and the surfaces can even be vacuumed if the vacuum cleaner doesn't use a beater bar. The floors can be mopped, although it is generally best to use cleaning products designed especially for bamboo. Choosing a flooring store, such as National Carpet Mill Outlet, that specializes in hardwood materials is always the best strategy for finding the largest selection of sustainable hardwood such as bamboo. Sustainable hardwood is almost always less expensive when purchased from National Carpet Mill Outlet in Cleveland. Homeowners will also enjoy the benefits of excellent warranties and professional installation when using a source that has an impeccable reputation for customer service and first-quality flooring products.