Five Specialty Lamination Products To Help Promote Your Restaurants

When running a restaurant, there are a lot of drinks, food, and liquids getting moved around. Paper items can easily become saturated, soaked, or warped due to an accident or spill. The best way to protect them is by using laminated products. Liquids cannot penetrate the products and makes them easy to reuse over a long period of time.

Check out five different ways to promote your restaurant using letter size pouches and lamination machines.

Folding Pouches

Keep the menus permanently protected with lamination pouches. Purchasing customized folding pouches can provide you with a sealed fold that allows the menu to open and close easily.

A bi-fold pouch opens like a book. This allows you to feature restaurant information on the front, main menu items on the inside, and desserts or beverages on the back. This type of pouch may also be referred to as book-type lamination.

A tri-fold pouch opens like a pamphlet. When flattened, the tri-fold pouch is the size of a letter. The creases allow the menu to have six separate sections, giving you more ways to split up different sections like breakfast, appetizers, sandwiches, pizza, and specials.

Sticky-Back Pouches

Provide your restaurant information to customers with a protective sticky pouch. Each lamination pouch includes an adhesive on the back that can be peeled off and stuck to a number of surfaces. This is a great alternative to a magnet because it can be stuck to a number of different places.

The size that you select depends on the amount of information you want to display. Smaller sizes are ideal for basic logos and contact information. Larger sizes have extra room for specials, coupons, and social media contacts. When using in your own restaurant, the stickers are ideal for placing on glass doors, drink coolers, and waiting areas.

Table Promotions

Create table promotions to highlight new products or special deals. These promotions are usually held in a table caddy. The caddy will have a holder that the laminated product can easy slip into for display.

When creating these promotions, it's a good idea to make double-sided printouts. This way, the advertisements can be seen by all the guests at the table and whenever the table caddy is turned in multiple directions.

Permanent Place Mats

Use lamination to create reusable place mats. When using laminated mats, debris can easily be wiped away so the mats can be reused again. The place mats are an ideal way to showcase your business while advertising other local businesses too.

If you have a bar or counter area of your restaurant, then this is usually the best location for the mats. You can get a lot of use out of the mats while still promoting your restaurant. For example, if you own a sports bar & restaurant, you can have a mat that features the complete schedule of a local football team.

Table Mat Art

If your restaurant uses paper table mats, then you can still use lamination at a later process. Many restaurants choose to display table mat art drawn by children and other patrons. Use lamination pouches to display this art on walls and counters so it doesn't get damaged.

This type of display is ideal for hosting table mat art contests too. Children will love seeing their art on display and lamination can make the presentation look even better. A promotion like this can draw more families to the restaurant and it could have the winning families return to see their art on display.

By implementing a few of these simple steps, you can easily help improve the promotion of your restaurant right inside the building. A little branding can go a long way in the restaurant world.