3 Great Ways To Make Your Commercial Fence More Effective

While many businesses surround their warehouse grounds or corporate headquarters with a strong fence, few owners know how to make the most of these highly versatile structures. Here are reasons for commercial fence installation and ways to put your fence to work and make it more effective.  

1: Improve your Privacy

If you have a high profile company, you might not like the thought of the general public being able to watch your day-to-day business operations through your fence. When people know which products you are loading and unloading into your warehouses, it opens your company up to criticism, curiosity, and criminals.

For example, if you run a popular catering company, what would people think if they saw a pest control company arrive? Although you might just be taking the proper precautions for your business, it might look as if you are controlling a massive, unsanitary cockroach problem.

To maintain control of your reputation, you should consider adding privacy elements to your commercial fence. One way to do this is by weaving plastic security slats into your chain link fence. These slats are weatherproof, and available in several different colors.

Another great way to increase privacy is by adding fabric netting to your fence. This material is very inexpensive, durable, and blocks as much as 90% of visibility. Strong grommets line the top and bottom edges of the netting, allowing you to easily secure it to your fence with simple zip ties.

When it comes to your commercial fence, privacy is important. Think carefully about your needs, and make adjustments accordingly.

2: Take Advantage of Advertising Space

Have you thought about how much money your business is spending on advertising? If you need to find a way to remain effective without paying the steep $1,000-$3,000 per month that your typical billboard costs, consider posting advertising along your fence.

Here are a few great benefits to using your fence to hang advertising.

  • Visibility: If you are looking for a piece of highly visible, roadside advertising space, your fence is the perfect place. Not only will you be able to catch the attention of drivers and other people passing by, but the signs can be switched out easily by your on-site employees.
  • Brand Recognition: When people see your company logo on a regular basis and understand which products and services you offer, they are more likely to become a customer. In fact, studies have shown that up to 50% of new customers were attracted to the business by the presence of an on-premise sign.
  • Announcements: Having a warehouse clearance sale soon? With the addition of fence-side signage, you will be able to simultaneously let people know about the event, while at the same time familiarizing them with your main business location.
  • Generate Revenue: Do you want to give your business partners a boost? Consider selling advertising space to other companies that you don't directly compete with. You can create new revenue, just by allowing others to use your well-placed fence.

Being smart about your advertising will help you to be more effective, while saving loads of money.

3: Add a Gate with a Keypad

Every year, highly organized retail thieves cost businesses around 30 billion dollars. Burglars frequently target retail shops, warehouses, and even corporate headquarters to steal merchandise, computers, and equipment. If you want to make your fence more effective and keep crooks away from your assets, you should think about adding a gate with a keypad entry system.

Gates come in a huge range of different sizes and security thresholds, but there are even versions available that can endure the impact of a ramming vehicle. Entry systems can be programmed to accept assigned employee key codes, so you can pick and choose who has access to your goods.   

By taking the time to make your commercial gate more effective, you might be able to improve the look of your business, keep the wrong people off of your property, and build your brand.