How To Protect Fine China Dishes During A Move

If you are planning on moving from one home to another, then you need to be concerned about packing your most prized possessions. If these possessions include a set of china dishes that have been passed down to you, then you need to be very sure that you do not damage them. Your family heirlooms are likely considered priceless, so follow some of the tips below so that the movers make it to your new house with your dishes intact.

Pack the Dishes Carefully

Prepare for Packing

If you need to pack your china dishes before your move, then make sure that you do so in a very careful manner. Set aside several hours to secure your dishes and purchase bubble wrap, plastic storage containers, tape, and styrofoam peanuts. Make sure to clean and dry your dishes thoroughly so that debris does not scratch the surface of the porcelain or china during transit. Set a clean sheet on your dining room or kitchen table and then separate your dishes so that similar sized items are placed and stacked together.

Cover and Box Up the China

Start with your plates and cut several pieces of bubble wrap. Make sure the pieces are about one or two inches larger than the diameter of your dishes. Set one piece of the bubble wrap in between each dish. Use a large piece of bubble wrap to fully cover the stack of dishes. Make sure the bubbles are placed towards the dishes. This is ideal so that the bubbles cushion the breakables. Use packing tape to secure the wrap and then add a second layer of the material. Use the same process to wrap all plates or bowls that can be stacked together. Use the wrap to cover all cups and oddly shaped serving dishes by themselves. 

Once all of your dishes are wrapped, place a one or two inch layer of styrofoam peanuts in your plastic storage bin. Set your wrapped dishes in the bin and make sure that there is about one inch between them. Fill up the rest of the space in the container with packing peanuts and secure the top on the container.  

Move During the Right Season

China Dishes and Heat Damage

If you have ever used your fine china to serve dinner, then you have likely hand washed the dishes after the meal. You do this, because the high heat that is produced by your dishwasher can ruin your dishes. This happens, because heat and humidity force the glaze that sits on the outside of the china to crack. China materials are commonly made out of clay, bone ash, or porcelain. High heats are used to set the materials and a glaze is then secured over the top.  

In some cases, the glaze is necessary to protect the porous china that sits underneath. This is especially true of bone ash china plates. You may not know exactly which materials are used to create your dishes, and this means that you need to reduce the formation of cracks.

You can reduce glaze crack damage by reducing the heat during the move just like you would when you wash your dishes. If you plan a move during the warmest part of the year, then the back of the moving truck is likely to reach temperatures between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature can easily be reduced by planning a move during the fall or spring.

Cool Off the Contents

If you need to move in the summer, then consider asking your moving professionals to park the truck in the shade if they need to stop. You can also ask the movers to open the rear of the vehicle every 30 or 40 minutes. If the moving truck is only traveling a short distance, then make sure to follow the truck as soon as it leaves for your new home. This way, the rear door of the truck can be opened as soon as possible and the space will start to cool down.

If you are moving soon, then you need to make sure that all of your family heirlooms are safe during the moving process. If you have old china dishes that need to be moved, then follow the tips above.

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