3 Must-Haves For Your New Store

After spending much of your time preparing for this moment, you may finally be in the process of opening up your own store. Whether you're planning to sell makeup products, clothing, or even handcrafted items, it's likely an exciting time for you because it's something you've achieved. Before the big opening day, there are some necessities that you'll want to make sure you have for your store.

Get Attention for Your Store with LED Channel Letters

The name of your store should be proudly displayed somewhere by the front doors. Instead of just a basic sign, you can have LED channel letters installed above the doors because they're noticeable, bright, and will stand out even at night. These are a few things to consider before you order the channel letters:

  • What size letters do you need? Measure the space above your front doors or wherever else you plan to have these LED channel letters installed to find out just how much space you'll have available. You'll then be able to decide on the size of the letters that will fit best within that space.
  • What color do you want the letters to be? If you have a color theme or design for the inside of your store, you might want the color of these letters to match it. The company that offers to install them will show you dozens of different color options before you make your decision.
  • What do you want the font to look like? Remember that you'll want a memorable storefront sign that makes people want to come in to see what you're offering, which is why you'll want to choose a legible font. You can decide whether you want a basic font or something a bit fancier, such as cursive lettering.

With these things in mind, you shouldn't have a problem choosing the perfect LED channel letters for your store. You can then have them installed and ready to use before you even open your doors to the public.

Attach Glass Decals to the Storefront Windows

Decals on the windows of your store can make it look more inviting. Instead of keeping your windows plain and bare, consider having custom decals created that you can then attach to each window. These are just a few decal ideas:

  • Hours of operation. Have your hours of operation printed on a wall decal in a professional yet decorative font. Why use a boring old sign to list your hours when you can have them added to one of the windows with style?
  • Floral borders. If you have a floral border decal created, you can use it to showcase the display that you already have in the window. The way that those beautiful flowers can wrap around the window will easily draw attention from those who are passing by.
  • List of items available. Some stores have window decals with a list of goodies that they're selling, and you can do the same. If you have certain specialties you're offering, it won't hurt to have them printed onto a decal for your windows.

Enhance the Appeal of Your Store with Window Displays

Having a window display is one of the easiest ways to connect to a random person and turn them into a customer of yours. If they like what they see, they're far more likely to come into the store and buy something. And, they may even end up buying more than they originally intended to after seeing all that you have to offer. There is an easy way to create unique window displays without spending too much, especially if you're on a budget because you're just getting the store started.

You can head over to different thrift stores in your area to search for small wooden tables. Even if they're not in the best condition, you can buy them and re-purpose them. All you'll need is some primer and paint to cover these small tables in bright colors that go with the theme of your store. You can then organize some of the products you're selling on these tables so that they're easy to see from outside of the store.

If you're opening up a store, you'll need to attract business to become successful. You can make sure this happens by choosing LED letters for your sign, applying decals to the windows, and creating beautiful window displays.