Steps Sellers Need to Take With Home Inspections

If you're selling a home that may have some miles on it, having a home inspection performed may be a good investment. You can then find out where issues are and address them so that homebuyers remain interested. Your home inspection will work out if you handle it the right way.

Give the Inspector Access to Everything

In order for this home inspection to make a difference in selling a home, you need to give the home inspector free roam of your entire property. That includes closets, basements, the roof, backyard, driveway, garage, and every area inside. 

The home inspector needs to see the house as a whole in order for their conditional reports to be meaningful and accurate. If any areas are locked up, unlock them so that the home inspector isn't limited on where they can go when performing these services. 

Pay Attention to Major Damage Reports

You can do whatever you want with how you repair problems indicated in a home inspection report. However, for your efforts to have the most impact when selling a property, you want to focus on major damage reports.

It could be a roof leak that needs to be addressed or maybe a foundation problem turned up. If you pay attention to reports on these major problems, you'll have a better idea of what repairs to complete and how to go about them. The inspector can help you out with repair solutions too if you want some direction with this.

Consider Adjusting the Price After the Inspection

Sometimes, home inspections won't show that many problems with a property. There could be just minor things that don't necessarily have to be addressed. However, some inspections will show a lot of major damage.

If your home inspection shows a lot of damage and you aren't going to fix everything, then you may need to switch up your pricing tactics. It may be necessary to come down on the listing price of your property to compensate for repairs that may still need to be performed. Doing this can still keep your property attractive to certain buyers, such as those that are into renovating and flipping homes.

If you're using a home inspection as a useful tool for selling your home, you want to pay attention to the data provided and respond correctly after it shows you which direction to go in. Then selling your property won't seem like that big of a deal.