4 Reasons To Put A Screen Enclosure On Your Patio

If you like to spend time outside and you have a patio on your home, consider the benefits of having a screen enclosure installed. You can have various types of screen put on in case you like privacy or if you have pets that will claw at the screen, and you can have your enclosure designed in different ways. Here are reasons to get a screen enclosure for your patio.

1. You Might Reduce Your Power Bills

If your air conditioner has to run most of the day and night to keep your home cool enough for sleeping or doing other activities, then a screen enclosure might help. If you live where it's safe to do so, you might nap on your enclosure and not have to worry about mosquitoes bothering you.

Since the temperatures often cool down at night, you might enjoy a cool breeze from your patio lounge chair and not have to turn up your air conditioner. Plus, you might leave your patio doors wide open when it's breezy outside and rely on the wind to cool your home on pleasant days rather than run your AC continuously.

2. You'll Have An Extra Room On Your House

A screen enclosure is similar to having another room on your house, but you'll pay a lot less to have it installed. You might use the screen room as an outdoor dining area or a play area for kids. You could even use the screen enclosure as your office on days when the weather is mild.

3. You'll Have More Privacy

A screen room can give you increased privacy on your patio. If you don't like your neighbors watching you as you lounge on your patio during the day, you might want privacy screen that's dark or that has an opaque look that makes it difficult to see through. You may feel more comfortable napping or entertaining on your patio if you don't have to worry about people watching everything you do.

4. Your Pets Can Come And Go

If you have to take your dogs out on a leash, you may wish they could roam around in the sun more freely. When you have a screen enclosure put on, your dogs and cats can pass between the house and the enclosure at their leisure if you have a doggy door put in. This allows your pet to go to the screen room, bask in the sun, and race back inside if it starts raining.

Talk to a screen enclosure contractor about your options for building a patio enclosure. Look over the various designs and styles of screens so your enclosure will fit your lifestyle perfectly.