Use A Delivery Service To Get Your Pool Table To Your Residence Without Injury And In One Piece

Are you thinking of buying a new pool table for your house or business? Does the seller of the table not offer professional delivery? If you are thinking of just backing your pickup truck up to the lot and moving it yourself, it's time to think again. Moving a pool table can be complex, difficult, or even dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Here's why you should hire a professional pool table delivery service to ensure the job gets done correctly on the first try.

You Might Not Have the Right Tools or Equipment

A pool table can require special tools to take it apart and put it back together. You may need special cable ties or other restraints to prevent it from moving while in transit. In general, it's not likely you already own the specialized equipment that is sometimes needed to safely relocate or move a pool table. Moving it yourself might save money compared to a service, but if you have to buy the tools for the job anyway, then you are not really saving money and in fact, the professional service might end up being less expensive.

Your Pool Table May Need to Be Disassembled and Then Put Back Together and You Might Not Have the Expertise to Do It Properly

Depending on what type of pool table you have and how far you are moving it, it might be a good idea to completely disassemble the pool table prior to the move instead of trying to move it in one piece. But pool tables are delicate in some ways, and if you want the table to work properly when you put it back together, you need to know what you are doing. A professional pool table delivery service will likely already know what is required to take apart and then put back together all of the leading brands of tables.

A Pool Table Delivery Service Will Carry Insurance to Cover Their Workers or to Repair Damage to Someone's Property

Let's say you get a few friends to try and move your pool table without taking it apart first. But then someone drops it on their foot. Or the table slips from someone's hands while going up the stairs and causes significant damage to not just the table but someone's wall or staircase. Do you have the insurance to cover these situations? You likely don't, but a professional pool table delivery service will have the policy in place to take care of their own or to reimburse the customer or another property owner for the damage done. 

For more information, contact a local pool table delivery service