“Span-A-Year” Calendars For Business Owners

Scheduling conflicts could become apparent if time isn't taken to see what date a particular day falls on. A span-a-year calendar provides a viable way to view all of the days of the year, plus take notes that coincide with scheduling needs.

Business Calendars

A span-a-year calendar is a perfect addition to a business owner's office. A contractor, for instance, is someone who may stay busy throughout the year. They may deal with many customer phone calls that require them to jot down addresses and other contact information. Having access to a calendar that displays all of the days of the year will allow a contractor to gauge which date they will bid on a job or conduct another professional service.

A full-page hanging calendar that comes with a notepad will make scheduling simple. If a client meets with a contractor at the contractor's place of business, the contractor can check their calendar and then use the notepad to write down any information that they would like to supply the customer with.


A calendar manufacturer may sell custom wall calendars. A consumer can choose the colors that will be used for a calendar's layout and can select custom art that they would like added to a calendar. A span-a-year calendar will supply additional space where custom photos can be added. A calendar manufacturer may offer several templates that can be used to set up a custom calendar display.

Choosing to have a custom print or embossing added to a span-a-year calendar will make a calendar product unique. A contractor or other type of business owner may wish to advertise their business. They can order a series of calendars that have their business name and address added to them. They can also order notepads that contain custom details. Custom products can be handed out during promotional giveaways or can be exchanged with customers who have done a lot of business with a business owner.

Span-a-year calendars are printed on vinyl or thick cardstock. Products are durable and can be secured directly to a wall. A manufacturer may feature calendar and note-pad products that come with hanging accessories. A small hook or adhesive product can be used to attach a calendar or a notepad to a bulletin board or a wall. Span-a-year products come in several sizes, which will allow a customer to select the size that is right for their needs.