The Benefits Of A Three Door Commercial Freezer

Do you have a new but growing restaurant? Is your current freezer running out of storage space? Perhaps it's time for an upgrade. Here's how adding a three-door commercial freezer to your restaurant can benefit you and your business.

Dedicate Each Section to Different Food

A commercial freezer with multiple doors or compartments allows for better organization. You can dedicate each section of the freezer to a different type of food. For example, put all meats in one compartment, all veggies in another, and frozen meals or desserts in the third. Your staff will know exactly which compartment to go to each time they need to grab something.

Keep Each Section at a Different Temperature

Beyond better organization, you may also gain the ability to keep your food at different temperatures depending on which compartment it is located in. Restaurant pros know that someone might want to store certain meats at a different temperature than the veggies, just as an example. Getting a three-door freezer gives you the option to optimize just how cold or frozen you are keeping different items in your kitchen.

Get From the Freezer to the Stove Quickly

A three-door freezer that is well organized may also allow employees to get what they need more efficiently and with less hassle. Do you currently have people digging through stuff they don't need to get to the one specific thing they do need that got buried way in the back? When everything is better organized as previously described, each compartment should be less full or at least less of a mess and it should be easier to get what you need and get back to cooking.

More Storage Space for a Growing Business

Maybe you just need that third door on your freezer because your one-door or two-door freezer doesn't have enough room anymore. A three-door freezer gives your growing restaurant business some additional room to stock up on important items in order to ensure you never run out during a busy weekend.

Save Money Buying Used

You can source a three-door commercial freezer from multiple places but one more thing to consider is that it might make sense to buy a used stainless steel three-door commercial freezer. A used freezer will cost you much less money but should still be in excellent condition. You can gain all of the above benefits while still keeping some of your cash reserves on hand for other needs.

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